Presentation consulting by an expert.

Whether it's for a major pitch, a keynote talk, or an engagement debrief for a client — the same things make for a great presentation:

  • Telling clear, memorable stories
  • Effectively leveraging copy, data, and visualization
  • Using sparkling, engaging headlines and paragraphs
  • Understanding the audience and shaping the message to their expectations and needs

Services provided include:

  • Narrative and flow: What's the story you're telling? What's the order?
  • Integrating data and research: How can we extract the most important narratives and present them effectively?
  • Visualization: How can we use our tools (such as flowcharts, tables, venn diagrams) to convey important points?
  • Templates and colors: What are the best choices for our particular needs?
  • Facilitating brainstorms: How can we best involve all the key stakeholders in the presentation process?
  • Presentation coaching: Get more confident about what you're presenting with training from an experienced presenter.

Really simple pricing.

  • Flat hourly/project fee.
  • Estimates provided in advance.
  • 100% money back guarantee.
  • Quick turnaround.

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